Elicius provides intelligence to corporate executives and lawyers. Clients rely on our advice to shape their strategy, unlock value by navigating risks, and to resolve disputes in their favour.

Problem-solving in challenging markets

Circle IconOur forensic approach to investigations ensures that clients discover the crucial facts they need when considering a commercial partner, assessing allegations of fraud, or stamping out illicit trade.

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Circle IconWe monitor and remediate the full range of emerging cyber threats for our clients, providing advanced warnings of attacks, conducting CyberHUMINT investigations, and negotiating ransomware settlements.

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Circle IconWhen clients are considering new market entry or major transactions, we support them with intelligence-led advisory based on the insights of our network of decision-makers around the world.

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Circle IconWhen our clients are in litigation or contentious commercial situations we ascertain the facts of the case, investigate the strategy of their counterparties, and discover evidence that will give them the edge in court or settlement negotiation.

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A wealth of experience, a global network and a creative approach to intelligence gathering.