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Banks, multinationals and regulators turn to us when they have unresolved concerns about companies or individuals. We investigate and provide reputational, integrity and political risk assessments so clients can navigate these non-financial risks and make commercial decisions with confidence.

We specialise in going far beyond the threshold of publicly available information, whatever the jurisdiction. We provide insights from our international network of sources, relevant records drawn from corporate registries or available on the dark web.

Enhanced due diligence
Contextualised assessments of client exposure to compliance, reputational and integrity risks posed by commercial counterparties.

Internal Investigations
Internal investigations of fraud, potential breaches of compliance procedures, whistleblower allegations or suspected FCPA/UK Bribery Act violations.

Supply chain investigations 
Our international network of informants are able to obtain crucial intelligence from organised crime groups involved in counterfeiting, VAT fraud and smuggling.

Recent highlight: A major European Bank wanted to improve its visibility of integrity risk in complex jurisdictions. Elicius was on-boarded as a service provider as part of a multi-year framework, focused on counterparties across Europe, the Middle East, South America and Africa.

Outcome: Regular enhanced due diligence reports and complex risk assessments enable the bank’s international operations while protecting its global reputation.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

We know what it takes to protect corporations, household brands and VIPs, against cybercriminals and nation state actors. To maintain our capacity to confront emerging cyber threats, we have penetrated conditional access forums and marketplaces hosted on the dark web. These are rich sources of intelligence, which enable us to determine the intent and capabilities of threat actors and how to prioritize remediation efforts.

Threat intelligence services

Our primary focus is to identify active campaigns run by cybercriminal or nation state-backed actors against our clients, their assets and staff for financial or strategic gain and to mitigate these threats.


We offer penetration-testing, operational security audits and deliver intelligence-led training modules to help our clients build resilience throughout their organisation.

Ransomware support

We are brought in by our clients to provide investigative support when they fall victim to ransomware attacks and provide negotiation services to retrieve sensitive data from threat actors.

Recent Highlight: A multinational logistics firm needed to improve its proactive cyber defences and monitor emerging cyber threats. We identified a syndicate of advanced persistent threat actors working on behalf of a nation state to target the company. Malware was in the customisation stage and insider-threat actors were co-operating.

Outcome: The insider-threat actors were identified and the client implemented remediation measures based on our advice.

Strategic Advice

High stakes decisions are rarely black and white. Clients turn to us when they need higher confidence in a course of action, because our advice is based on the insight and expertise of a tried and tested network of leaders across business and government service.

Market intelligence

High level analysis of industries and competitors, based on conversations with 50+ senior decision-makers, including assessments of commercial strategy or policy trends.

Market entry advice

We provide the intelligence that our clients require to act decisively in unfamiliar contexts and engage successfully with relevant stakeholders.

Stakeholder analysis
We triangulate intelligence from multiple sources to map and evaluate the influence of key market players and then help our clients to tailor an engagement strategy that suits their commercial objectives.

Recent Highlight: The board of a US tech giant wanted to enter a multi-billion dollar market in China. We conducted intelligence-led stakeholder analysis and provided a roadmap engagement strategy with regulators and entrenched market actors, based on discreet interviews and hard to access competitor data.

Outcome: The client has established a foothold in a multi-billion dollar market.

Dispute Services

When a commercial relationship breaks down, we help our clients achieve a favourable resolution. We advise on corporate disputes and support litigation strategies by providing research and fieldwork.

In litigation this covers investigating a counterparty’s strategy as well as the facts of the case, including tracing assets, obtaining and reviewing evidential material, and identifying and contacting potential witnesses.

Litigation and arbitration support
Intelligence gathering on counterparty strategy and evidence discovery to support outcomes. Contingent or flexible fee structures considered and often preferred.

Asset-tracing and recovery
Global search capabilities coupled with expertise in unwinding opaque protection structures. We also work with clients to influence settlement outcomes.

Expert testimony assistance
Providing regional and technical experts from our global associate network, and reconciling counterparties’ expert and lay witness testimony.

Recent Highlight: We successfully created a climate of settlement in litigation against a European PLC through a multi-faceted strategy including: an Elicius co-founder appearing as a witness in a European court; evidence of bribery and corruption collected in 5 jurisdictions; and successful media engagement in the quality national press of 4 European countries.

Outcome: A multi-million euro settlement was secured.

Public interest work

Elicius also supports public institutions, investigative journalists and non-profit organisations with pro bono investigations in the public interest. With a focus on the areas of ethical supply chains, public health and anti-corruption.

A wealth of experience, a global network and a creative approach to intelligence gathering.